HE provided, we are smiling!

Remember when it was hardest?
When giving up seemed the best option?
When friends told you to write it off?
All seemed going against you?
Friends became scarce?
Tears flowing on your cheeks, tears making a pool in your heart?
Hating and hurting came easily than loving and caring?
Still you soldiered on!

We danced. We parted.
We cried. We laughed.
We mourned. We celebrated.
We hurt. We healed.
We hated. We loved.

We were doing life my friend!

You prayed for a house,
HE blessed you with a home.
You prayed for connections in higher offices,
HE is the Highest connection you can ever need!
You wanted a sexy girlfriend,
HE blessed you with a trophy wife.
You wanted a hunky with money,
HE blessed you with a loving and caring husband.
You wanted a modelling girlfriend.
HE blessed you with an undemanding mature woman.
You prayed for a car.
HE provided you with means to get there.
You prayed for a well paying job.
HE blessed you with something fulfilling.

Today we say;
Ebenezer, we have a roof over our head.
Ebenezer, our tummies are heavy with food.
Ebenezer, we are healthy.
Ebenezer, we soldiered on.

Providing HE will never stop!
Love is HIS middle name.
Mercy is what HE have in abundance for us.
Praising HIM is a MUST!

HE is never late.
HIS timing is just right,
For what we need HE always provide.

Never stop looking at the big picture for it is ever visible;
HE is THERE always!

Yes it’s Christmas time,
What we have, we share!
Happy 2017!!!


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