You mean them to be scars

Oh Heavenly Father,
Here I am,
You knowing me,
My trust is in You,
Time and again you have proved its not in vain,
Even though I sometimes question your ways,
Say them being mysterious and all,
Yet I so love it that You are in control..

Heavenly Father,
I ask for strength as I live the purpose,
May my dreams and desires,
Stay aligned with the process of the purpose,
Speaking of your ways Heavenly Father,
I don’t know where we are standing,
Or where we are with other plans,
All I know is you are carrying me,
And you have never failed me!

Heavenly Father,
I know you know,
And that you do not need a reminder;
But the door you opened,
It has another closed door inside,
Give me the courage to turn the door knob,
Better still, You can do it yourself,
Them your people Heavenly Father,
Those looking up to you through me,
Give them too the grace of the revelation,
To trust the process of your mysterious ways.

Oh Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the revelation;
You mean them to be scars,
Them scars will always be a living proof of your amazing grace!

Elagweja-that foreigner ; manuscript submitted 🙌

I am super excited to let you know that work on my second book has commenced!
Today I submitted #elagwejathatforeigner for editing!
It took me six years to arrive here; #nevergiveup my friend, no matter how hard it may get,
Just a season,
It will pass,
I was once homeless, scavenged for food to survive,
Here I am today,
Do not give up, take it from me!

I am no self-made, fully knowing that no man is an island, I am ever humbled by your support and encouragement. To my readers and blog followers, thank you for your amazing feedback, keep them coming!

A BIG shout out to my sponsors! Thank you for your amazing generosity, you are dream makers!
The journey is still on people,
Instalment number 1 down!
Two more to go,
Next invoice due on the 6th of May 2022,
Amount due- $400

Let’s bring it home, I believe six years is a long wait!

Here is the PayPal link; https://www.paypal.me/paidamano
#elagwejathatforeigner, theybethebook!

Some people may have written you off…

Some people may have written you off;
maybe because of what you did,
maybe because of what they did to you,
maybe because of your current circumstances,
maybe because of your nationality,
maybe because of your race,
maybe because of your tribe,
maybe because of your age,
maybe because of your poor background,
maybe because you lack qualifications,
maybe because you don’t look the type,
maybe because of their ignorance,
maybe because of the obstacles they have placed in your path,
maybe because of your chosen path…
they are just human like you,
let not the maybes hold you back,
full steam ahead my friend,
remember the purpose has own direction,
a child of FAITH,
Keeps on holding to God’s invisible hand!

My newest book! Loosely based on Ginimbi. .. Read the first three chapters below!

Empty Tomb (Novella) Copyright©2021 by Rudo Muzondo. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the Author. Acknowledgements Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for using me as a vessel. You take all the glory! Chapter 1 The Wrath […]

My newest book! Loosely based on Ginimbi. .. Read the first three chapters below!

Ela Gweja- That Foreigner


*Ela Gweja – That Foreigner.

We catch up with Nyasha on his spur of the moment journey to Cape Town. That day after he left Small Street for good, his intentions were to go back home, but on the way to buy the bus ticket to Harare, he found himself buying the train ticket to Cape Town. Again no one was waiting for him when he arrived at his final destination. Knowing no one, coupled with the fact that he was penniless, Nyasha found himself living on the streets of Cape Town, sleeping under the bridge and surviving on food from refuse bins. After three months of destitute, Nyasha moves into the townships of Cape Town, were he experienced first-hand inhuman living conditions that the majority of fellow black African people lived, as the story progresses, we see how Nyasha had to raise from the gutter, shack off the ‘cheap dirty dog blanket mentality’, he worked all sort of menial jobs including cleaning dog poo, and was subjected to racial and xenophobic related discrimination, got mugged many times and paid unlegislated Street Protection Fee. Against all odds, we see Nyasha working his way from a mere van assistant, to run the department, from the streets of Cape Town to an Award Winning Writer.

Gweja – is an insulting word used to describe a foreign national, ela gweja directly translated means that foreigner. Usalikhumbula na ela gweja? Do you still remember that foreigner?

Paidamoyo Gerald Manomano
Cape Town 2021

I am kindly asking for your support to cover the publishing costs for #ElaGwejaThatForeigner. The ask is for US$1000.

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Hold mine hand…

Hold mine hand…

Have you just left the latch on?

Or given me wrong set of keys?

Is this not the door?

Should I budge in?

Or you have left the building?

You know I stammer right?

Ofcourse you remember my limp?

I have a ask; Why are the waters not parting?

Where is the ram?

Am I not knocking loud enough?

See, can’t see, what to see?

Hold my hand steady,

Strengthen me;

It looks like going South,

Yet we headed North,

Or your direction has always been East;

But what are we doing South-West?

Remind me, where are we headed?

And why is it not making sense?

See, can’t see, what to see?

Hold my hand steady,

This misty,

The pandemic,


Booby traps,



See, can’t see what to see?

Hold my hand steady,

I am aiming for the skies,

Remove the roof,

Rip it off if necessary,

I want to see the whole sky,

Let me float above the clouds of hate,

Cloth my mind with your peace,

Calm my troubled spirits,

The big picture?

See, can’t see what to see?

Hold mine hand,

Cover me with your wings of grace,

Use my stuff to part them waters,

Let my rope reach the depth of the well,

Replenish my waning faith,

Fill me with your holiness,

Let my fears not defeat your purpose,

Let my insecurities not stand in the way,

Hold mine hand in your hand,

Here is my hand in your hand

Hold steady my hand,

Hold my hand steady,

My hand in your hand,

See, I can only see, when I let you lead.



My hand!

#faith https://www.instagram.com/p/CCzadn9jSxP/?igshid=10md8xzvd84pb

In due time – He SHOWS-OFF!

Life is happening,
Agreed; it has no formula,
But one thing for sure,
Together we shall stay firm,
Fully knowing;
There will always be a mountain to climb,
A river to cross,
Dark forests to pass,
Enemies to defeat,
INJUSTICE to fight,
Adjustments to make
Covid 19 to deal with,
A fancy mask to dorn,
Vaccination queues to join,
Social distance to keep,
Virtual hugs to give,
Friend requests to accept,
There is a calling to answer,
And a HAND-UP to give!

Somedays the sun briefly appears,
Some nights the moon smiles,
A breath of fresh air,
Every half a chance given,
Give many thanks for life,
Don’t take it for granted…

BELIEVE IT in you;
We will SURVIVE,
The CREATOR loves people;
BE CONTENT with His seasons,
In due time,






Finally available in Zim 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 Finally available in Zim 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
Cheap Dirty Dog Blanket is a book about a search for greener pastures. It details the highs and the lows of starting over in a foreign country. The author does an exceptional job of bringing out the story through the main character Nyasha whose story will leave you feeling nostalgic.

Cheap Dirty Dog Blanket available for $25 from our Bindu Books selection. Pop in at 37 Victoria Drive Newlands or call us on 0242 782 720/1 for a copy.




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